Angel with sword

The Regulator

A Modern Day version of "Dante's Inferno."

During a daytime bank robbery Janet becomes invisible to all but the robbers. A FBI agent explains this phenomenon and refers her to Director of Regulators who explains that the Regulators are the last vestige of Justice. Invisible again to all but the criminals, Janet and the Director confront a death row inmate and escort the doomed man to the purgatory for a preview of the torment awaiting him if he does not confess to his misdeeds prior to his execution. Her Guardian, the FBI agent protects her from the Liberators who first try to kill her in an effort to prevent her from visiting a condemned prisoner. Troubled by the horrendous purgatory levels she has seen accompanying inmates, she walks out on the Regulators. Returning to her private life, Janet discovers that her godchild was killed in a hit and run accident. The driver, a well-known football star, is found innocent at trial. Revenge driven Janet sets out to drive the star mad by whisking him to the seven purgatories during the most inopportune time. In a moment of utter madness, the football star jumps out of the window. Janet accepts the need for Regulators and the role she must play in the organization.

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